imageKid friendly fun

Smile….Thank you to the creative person behind this healthy fun snack :)

imageand the countdown to All Hallow’s Eve continues

Thank you to the creative foodie behind this creation :)

imageGoing with kid friendly treats today :)

Til next time…thank you to the creative person behind this treat!!!

the countdown continues…..

imageThis was My Kid’s choice for All Hallow’s Eve today.

Thank you to the creative person behind this creation.

Til next time……SMILE :)

I’m getting ready for winter.

Osage Orange($1),Red Onions, Sweet Peppers, Poblanos, Various Beans(Wax, Italian and Pole), Grape Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Roma Tomatoes, Potatoes.


Picture from the other side of the Chopping Board. I am starting to buy extra to put away for Winter. My Farmer’s Market is open from the first weekend in May til the Weekend prior to the US Thanksgiving. That means I attempt to put away what I can for December thru April. This year I have an advantage over the past few years. Since I bought the largest Refrigerator we could squeeze into our Kitchen :) Seriously just squeezed into the space.


Til next time…more on how I store my Farmer’s Market finds for winter.